Getting back into school

My name is Tim Havern, I will be a junior this fall at Michigan State. I have returned to school after stepping back for personal reasons after the spring 2014 semester ended. I have been working full time and trying to determine what exactly I want to do with my future. I have taken two classes first semester of summer and am so excited to be hitting the books once again. I believe I am meant to help people and hope to, after graduation, travel to areas where health care is not easily accessible. I took this class because I am a Kinesiology major, but also the title of the course itself encompasses three things I am very interested in.

Something unique about me is that I am one of eleven kids in my family. My mom and dad wanted to have twelve kids but were happy with the eleven they got. This is a picture of my ten siblings and I! (with our old babysitter included) 

One thought on “Getting back into school

  1. Hi Timothy! That is crazy to be one of 11 kids, I can’t even imagine. There was enough craziness with my Two sisters.
    It must be very exciting to come back to school having a good idea of what you want to do, I almost wish I would’ve taking time off after highschool to fully understand what I wanted to do before switching my major 2 times! I like you hope to travel after graduation as part of my job.

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