Getting to know me

Hello, my name is Ali Dochod I am a fifth year going into my final year at MSU. I am a psychology major, although I plan to pursue nursing in the future. After I finish my undergrad I plan on attending the accelerated nursing program, at MSU or another school in which I have not decided on yet. I have never taken any classes related to anthropology, but I had to take one for my major requirements, and this one seemed the most interesting to me, I am really excited to see how the class goes this semester. The picture I am adding is a photo of me at my cottage which is my favorite place in the world and it is where I spent the last week and a half celebrating the ending of the first semester of summer classes as well as the 4th of July with friends and family. As you can see there are  4 dogs in this picture, I am a HUGE dog lover, actually I love almost all animals, and I am absolutely that girl who will cross the street or wave someone down just to ask if they will let me pet their dog. 13567412_1140799892609915_8820470453786779265_n

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