Intro: Hoping to Graduate Soon

Hi class! My name is John and I am a senior who is planning to graduate soon… hopefully. This is my fifth year at MSU and I am studying Anthropology as a second major in addition to Biomedical Laboratory Science. Although I enjoy living here in East Lansing and I will miss all of the football games and Conrads, my parents told me that I should probably graduate soon and become a real adult, whatever that means. My background in anthropology is limited to the introductory courses that I took last semester. However, my background in health and illness is quite extensive. I have learned almost all someone who is not pursuing medical school would ever want to know about diseases. The reason that I chose this course was to introduce myself to the cultural aspect of healthcare. While most people would consider procedures and medicine to be the most important part of a treatment plan, I believe that an understanding of the patients culture is just as important. I am hoping to come to a better understanding of how culture is related to healthcare in the United States and around the world… and if I am lucky I can find a job with the knowledge that I have gained from this course. The photo that I chose was from a mission trip Costa Rica. I traveled around to different villages with a group of doctors helping children who do not have access to healthcare. This experience influenced my decision to pursue a career in this field.  Costa Rica

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  1. Hi John, I also am starting my fifth year, and I will also miss all East Lansing has to offer. I think that is really cool, that you are double majoring. I am a psychology major, however I plan on attending the nursing school after I graduate. therefore, I will also be confident about all the different forms of diseases out there. A couple friends of mine did a similar mission trip like that but they were in the dominican and they absolutely LOVED it, and came back with so much experience and knowledge that they could have never learned in a classroom. Awesome post, it was nice to learn about you and how you came to choose this class.

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