Intro: Jumping from a Perfectly Good Plane!

Hello everyone!

My name is Sydney Krol. I am a junior Kinesiology major, triple minoring in Health Promotion, Bioethics, and Communicative Sciences and Disorders.  I am studying to become an Occupational Therapist!  I am very outgoing and adventurous as you could guess by my blog title.

I have taken one other anthropology course at MSU: ANP 270, Women and Health Anthropology.  I HIGHLY SUGGEST THIS COURSE if you are interested in alternative medicine and pregnancy/childbirth!  I chose this course over alternative courses to fulfill a minor requirement because I had such a good experience with my last ANP course.

I attached a picture of myself (on the left) and a friend just before we went skydiving for the first time.  Adventures are what keep me sane in this boring society.  I love to try new things and experience things that others never get the chance to, or are too scared to try!  If you have yet to jump out of a “perfectly good plane”, I would LOVE to join you…. it was seriously the coolest thing I have ever experienced!

I’m looking forward to this class and working alongside of you cool people!
Sydney Krol

One thought on “Intro: Jumping from a Perfectly Good Plane!

  1. Hey Sydney!
    I have always wanted to sky dive so bad, I think we share the same desire for adventure! I will have to try and plan it sometime soon because it seems exhilarating. Im sure you enjoy seeing new places and personally I hope to travel the world sometime. There honestly is not anywhere that I do not want to see! We are both health promotion minors too so we rock! Nice to kind of meet you though Sydney!

    Tim Havern

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