Intro Post: First assignment of senior year and senioritis hits!

Hi im Katie!

Im a senior at MSU majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in Health Promotion and Bio Ethics. Im currently interning at PEAC (Programs to educate all cyclists) an organization that helps people of all ages with various disabilities how to ride bikes and use public transportation, so my summer is super awesome so far!

I have little to no experience with anthropology because I’ve only taken classes in the socio cultural perspective and psych classes as well so this is definitely going to be interesting! Plus I plan to get my nursing degree in the near future and i figured this class would be super good to take.

The picture below is the staff that I work with this summer at PEAC and I couldn’t be more thankful for everything we do as a team and individually because with out them I would not have  great internship opportunity, I wouldn’t see disability the way that I do today,  and we wouldn’t be making such a difference in the world that gets over looked daily.


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