Intro: Unrelated Major

My name is Michael Kreza. This fall I will be entering my senior year. This is probably a little unusual for this course, but I am a finance major pursuing  the financial advisory field. I do not have any previous experience in anthropology nor have I taken an anthropology course before. I am taking this class because I wanted to take two of my non-required courses in the summer and this class sounded interesting to me. I wanted to take a course unrelated to my field of study to get a different experience rather than just take another finance course.

ANP370This picture is relevant to me because it is the next step of my life. This picture is a broad outline of the six steps related to the financial planning process. It is also what I will be doing for a living after graduation. While finishing my senior year at Michigan State I will also be completing my education requirements for the CFP through GVSU. My goal is to complete the CFP exam at the end of the year and then start working as an advisor for two years to gain the necessary experience to use the Certified Financial Planner designation and go from there.


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  1. Hi Michael, I’m Mace. I’m an incoming junior studying Human Biology. I think it is fantastic that you’re taking a class outside of your field of study! It’s always nice to try something new. What about this class description appealed to you? I personally love looking at both sides of ethical issues, especially when discussing medicine and controversial procedures. The picture that you posted is very interesting. I do not know a lot about financial planning but the process for developing care plans for patients entering long-term care facilities or hospice is very similar. We follow all of the same steps but focus on their health care plan rather than their financial.

  2. Hi Michael,
    I am also taking this course outside of my field of study as an elective credit to fulfill a minor requirement. I chose this course because it also seemed like something that would personally interest me. I think its cool that you want to find some different experience, I think that kind of thing can help you a lot professionally, being knowledgable about various subjects. I also think it’s cool that you know exactly what you want to go into, something as a senior I am still trying to figure out! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts throughout the semester.

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