Intro: Yes, it’s pronounced like the spray

Hello, my name is Mace Tadgerson. Yes, I pronounce my name like the pepper spray. I am an incoming junior at MSU studying Human Biology with a minor in Bioethics, Humanities and Society. I have taken an anthropology- focused course before, however it was under an ISS professor. I look forward to this class, my first ever ANP course, because I have always been fascinated by ethical issues in medicine. I am currently reading a book called The Cure: Mind over Body by Jo Marchant; she discusses the ethical issues of placebo trials and the results of each study. So far, she has explored trials with placebo surgeries for back pain, placebo oxygen masks for altitude sickness, along with placebo pills for an array of conditions such as headaches and sleeping. I find it fascinating how powerful the human mind is, did you know that the color of the pill that you take for a headache can determine how well it works? One study suggested that the effectiveness of a pain reliever pill differs according to the culture. For instance, a red pill effects Americans differently than it does Italians, most likely due to cultural differences. Crazy! Here is a picture of the book below.

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