Pokemon Master in Training

My name is Jake Hall, and I am a senior in the Interdisciplinary Studies program. I usually just say Public Health since doing so represents better what I am studying and want to do, as well as the fact most people have never heard of IDS. I took Physical and Cultural Anthropology last fall, and took Social and Cultural Theory last spring. I am taking this class because Public Health is impact as much by the culture of those being observed as anything else, and I’m excised to take a class looking at the intersectionality of Health and Culture. My picture is a Squirtle because Squirtle is my favorite Pokemon (I have a tattoo of one on my calf) and Pokemon Go recently dropped, so its obviously holding all of my attention. I caught a vulpix and a Squirtle working on this post even!                   squirtle4blog

2 thoughts on “Pokemon Master in Training

  1. Hi Jake, I’m Mace! I am a junior studying Human Biology and minoring in Bioethics, Humanities and Society. Earlier this year I considered switching to an IDS major! I love learning about how culture effects public health and beliefs. It’s interesting to try to put oneself in another’s shoes. Did you enjoy the Social and Cultural Theory class? I plan on taking that later on, I’m very excited about it. I also love that your picture is Squirtle, he was my first favorite Pokémon. I’ve caught so many Rattata’s recently, but the servers crashed right as I was about to catch a bulbasaur. This game is so great, I can’t wait to be back to campus and see what’s crawling around. Stay safe and happy hunting!

  2. Jake,
    I am also an IDS major and a “collector”. My favorite Pokémon is a Pikachu though (which I know is quite basic). I caught a Charmander and was super happy with my very first “GO” capture. I do not yet have a Squirtle and I am quite jealous of yours! It’s always nice to talk to another IDS major and see how others are explaining it. I think that IDS is a great major to contribute to all of the multifaceted problems the world has. I thought about this a lot when reading the W1 post on race and health. I look forward to class with you!

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