W1: Race is not real, and I’m not sorry about it.

Many people believe that a way to define race is by skin color. This is not true. As said in the lectures, if we are going to divide people by race that means that there are distinct differences between them. But besides skin color, aren’t we all humans? Don’t we all genetically belong to the same species? Live Science says, “Although humans are sometimes divided into races, the morphological variation between races is not indicative of major differences in DNA…. Furthermore, the DNA of two humans chosen at random generally varies by less than 0.1 percent” (LifeScience 2012). We are not all exactly the same visually; we have different hair colors, different heights, and different colored eyes. This is diversity, not a different race. Your skin color is a genetic trait just as any other visual genetic trait. All humans are the same race and the same species. Scientifically, race is not real. Socially, people still divide others based on race, when they are actually talking about skin color. But a skin color doesn’t define you to one group. Others shouldn’t judge people by the race they believe they are and we shouldn’t let societies concept of race separate us as well.

Race is something our society has created to separate people based on visual aspects. Our culture is what separates us and is something we learn and choose to partake in. You could be considered a certain race by society but not be involved in that culture or ethnicity. It is all based on your history and how you feel about it. I believe that is how ethnicity is related to medicine as well. It is based on your history and other preexisting health conditions. I see studies all the time about how this disease is correlated with this race, which doesn’t even make sense. It is sad that educated doctors who should know all about DNA still argue that race could have an effect on health. It is sad that people still let the idea of race control us and have negative consequences.

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One thought on “W1: Race is not real, and I’m not sorry about it.

  1. I think you summarized everything we’ve learned in a very straight-to-the-point way. I believe if you were to publicly share the ideas you’ve written here, it could positively impact our nation’s culture, and discourage the racial violence we’ve seen in the news lately. And I agree with you that this is very, very, sad. If only we could start educating younger generations now, our country’s future would be significantly less hateful towards people who look a little different.

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