Intro: Old Lady

My name is Sophia Gilardone I am a human biology major with an anthropology minor. I have already walked in graduation but I am taking this anthropology class and another to finish up my requirements for my minor. I used to be an anthropology major so I have taken a handful of anthropology classes, but the bulk of them were earlier in my college years. I enjoy the physical and epidemiological aspects of anthropology.

A few things about me, I am going to pharmacy school in Chicago in August, which I am very excited about. I am an only child but I do have a dog named Comet, he is very fluffy but quite aloof. I am from metro-Detroit and currently work for a non-profit that works to provide housing resources to those struggling with homelessness and people with disabilities.

The picture I have chosen is a picture of me and my friends. My friends are very important to me. I just completed my fifth year and most of them graduated in four. It’s a cliche but I didn’t realize what a significant impact they made on me until they weren’t around everyday. They have moved all over the country but we manage to all get together once a year for a reunion.


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  1. Hi, I think that is really exciting you will be going to school in Chicago soon, a couple of my friends are going to RUSH this upcoming fall and they’re really excited about it. I also think it is awesome that you work for a non-profit, that seems so interesting to me. I can totally relate to you about the friends situation, I was best friends with a bunch of people older than me so I just spent the last year missing all my best friends like crazy, and now as I go into my fifth year I have to do it all over again, and let me tell you….I am NOT looking forward to it. Many of my friends live within a couple hours from me, but its still just not the same, I am used to them all being either down the street, or in the same house as me.

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