W2: Blog Post Prompt

W2: Blog Post Prompt 

Category: W2

Title: W2: Creative title (e.g. “W2: Explaining mental health”)

Body: (400 words)

  • In this unit we have looked at two very different examples of “explanatory models” for schizophrenia: one (Metzl) is a psychiatric, biomedical model that nonetheless changed dramatically over the course of the twentieth century in the United States and the second (McGruder) is a religious and cultural explanatory model in Zanzibar. Please discuss how a person’s understanding of what a mental illness IS (their explanatory model) influences treatment options and social, political, and health outcomes.
  • Remember to refer to materials from the week and include citations for at least 1 outside source at the bottom of your post in Chicago Style. An outside source is a website, article, book, video, etc. that was not assigned in this course but something you found on your own that relates to the course materials for this week.
  • Due 7/15 @ 11:59PM EST.

2 Blog Comments: (200 words each)

  • Comment on two classmates’ blog posts from this week. Your comment can extend a classmate’s argument by adding to it (more evidence, another point of view, etc.) or respectfully challenge it.
  • Due 7/17 @11:59PM EST.

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