explaining health as it pertains to you

Mental illness is explained differently throughout time and throughout different cultures. As stated in the video in one culture talking to dead spirits may be seen as normal and in other it could be seen as a mental illness. Depending on ones explanatory model mental illness can be a reaction to outside factors like Freud believed or it could be due to chemical “imbalances” in the brain like we explain it today. We can also see how explanations of mental illnesses hanged throughout the years by comparing the first DSM to the most current DSM. We have came up with more diagnoses for mental illness and what causes them since the first book was published. Now this goes to show are we becoming more medically advanced or are we coming up with different terms just so people will go on medicine and make big pharma money? In the lecture video it mention how rapidly and how often the drug Prozac was prescribed after the FDA approved it. Prozac is typically prescribed for depression and anxiety. Now if you believe that mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances within the body of course you would be taking a medicine that is supposed to even out these imbalances. But if you believe mental illness is just a behavior or reaction to outside influences then maybe your treatment option would be to go see a therapist and talk about different ways you could control your anxiety in certain situations. With other mental illnesses like schizophrenia there are certain things that should be taken into consideration. For example this illness can cause other people harm therefor it needs to be controlled the best way we know how which is with medication. But if someone believes it is due to an outside influence like and evil spirit then that also needs to be respected and a combination of treatments should be in place for that person to have a good understating of their illness and how to treat it.

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