There is a huge difference when it comes to people who are aware of all that comes with mental illness, which means there is a wide window of opportunity for people to judge and make incorrect assumptions. There are several different ways to approach a situation dealing with individuals suffering from mental illness, and many depend on the severity of the illness. As many know there are extremely severe cases of mental illness such as schizophrenia, and there are less severe and less noticeable ones such as anxiety or depression. It may be a bit more difficult to work with someone dealing with schizophrenia due to the fact he or she may often be unreasonable, and may resist any form of help considering he or she may disagree that they have any sort of problem. On the other hand, managing someone with depression may be a bit more simple considering he or she knows she is upset, and they know life isn’t the easiest for them, so they may be more accepting of help.

As an article I read stated the difference between hypothyroidism and schizophrenia is similar… not in the sense that their symptoms are similar, but they are both battling with a struggle occurring inside their body. It is a bit more difficult to know someone has a mental disorder simply by looking at him or her, but that doesn’t mean an illness is absent. It is easy to judge someone based on their outside appearance, but little do we know there is an abundance of things going on, on the inside we have no idea about. We see a man or woman in a wheelchair and we know, something must be wrong, they must have an injury which makes it difficult to walk, but do we think those same things when we see someone with a mental illness. The answer is usually no, because we do not know he or she has a mental illness.

Individuals with mental illness deserve the same treatment as someone who is physically ill. In my opinion, as well as the article I read, it is almost more difficult to suffer from mental illness because people expect more due to a lack of knowledge about what they are going through. There are medications, doctor visits, therapy sessions just like someone with a physical injury, but we neglect to think about those things when we think about the mental illness. Many people who have sports injuries attend many doctor check ups, participate in physical therapy and take medications to help him or her progress and get better. Mental illness is similar, people go to therapy in order to help their brain, and they learn how to handle specific situations ( or attempt to teach him or her).

The difference between knowing about mental illness and not knowing makes a large difference, and I think many people should be educated about the word goes into helping those with mental illness, or being an individual with mental illness.


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