science and religion lead to healing

This topic this week hit really close to home with me. I have an autoimmune disorder that I was diagnosed with when I was eight years old. After many years of research by my mom and trying different methods to control my pain we found that I needed a combination of both western and alternative medicines. Due to my illness my mom decided to go back to school and learn about alternative medicine.

I definitely believe that there needs to be a balance of old world and new world types of healing. I have experienced first hand the dangerous side effects of western medicine and also the good that can come from it. Personally I have tried acupuncture and I firmly believe in it as a way of reducing and managing pain. There are many types of ways to go about healing I have heard stories where an act of God has healed someone that was wheel chair bound and suddenly could walk.

I really think that people should always research and look at other options they have when they are sick instead of going straight to the pharmacy and getting a pill to cure them. People should always take into consideration what their westernized doctor has to say but they should also seek different avenues. If I would have gone with what the doctors had said when I was eight then I would have been on chemo and that would have done so much unnecessary damage to my tiny child body. Since then we have made such great advances the eleven years that I have dealt with my illness that now I only have to give myself a shot twice a month and take one pill a day. I used to be on fourteen pills a day but i decided to look into other things that could help my situation and I started eating a strict diet, working out everyday, doing acupuncture, and massage therapy. I’m not trying to say that western medicine is absolute trash and we should never use it but like what was said in the BBC documentary it should be used in combination with old traditions because they obviously worked if people have survived this long.

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