W3: Religion and Healing

Medicine evolves day by day. New and improved treatments are found more often than not. Although this is true, many believe in other forms of medication. It is hard to tell where the history of medicine starts and no one knows when it will end. Culture and religion have a lot to do with medical traditions. Some do not believe in the use of modern day medications and, therefore, use other traditional forms. In the first lecture video from this section, we looked at Ju’hoansi way of life, where women and men were equal. Everyone in the group shared the same knowledge. The Ju’hoansi participated in healing dances and these dances were said to hold power to heal things like arguments. The Ju’hoansi also believe that selfishness is the number one cause for sickness. The western world usually does not believe in this. It is hard for people to understand that things like stress and selfishness is connected to health because, as mentioned in the first lecture video, science is not considered multi variable.


In the second lecture video practices like acupuncture were mentioned. Acupuncture is an old Chinese tradition. As Dr. Gabriel mentioned, something astonishing about this is that traditional Chinese acupuncture points outlined the modern day nervous system. In the film, “The Science of Acupuncture,” a woman sets out to find if acupuncture actual does work. The woman sees what affect this treatment has on the brain.


Some religions believe that forms of meditation are healing the body and it is possible to heal the body with the mind. For example, Hindus practice many forms of yoga and meditation, as they believe that it will help reincarnate to something better in the next life. I read a personal story by Dina Procter that speaks about healing your body with your mind. Dina talks about her story of overcoming suicidal depression and alcohol addictions (Procter). She spent three minutes, three times a day participating different forms of guided mediation and claimed that this practice was life changing and helped cure her problems. There are many stories like Dina’s that claim that things like meditation and acupuncture work wonders, but as mentioned in the lectures, it is hard to actually prove this. The mind and body are certainly connected, but to prove this is hard for scientists. Hopefully, more research and development in this field will conclude a clear answer as to weather or not these forms of medical practices actually work.


Procter, Dina. “Mind Over Matter: How to Heal Your Body With the Power of Meditation.” Conscious Lifestyle. 2015. Accessed July 21, 2016. http://www.consciouslifestylemag.com/healing-meditation-mind-body/.

2 thoughts on “W3: Religion and Healing

  1. I think it is hard for people to realize that there way of doing something is not the only right way to do something. Personally I do feel like our way of science and medicine would be more effective than holistic or spiritual treatments but then again I don’t really have a right to say that because I have never tried any other form of healing. I don’t think it is right for us as Americans who are so used to being treated for illness with medicine and other scientific ways to judge or downplay other forms of healing and treatment. I also think since there is a connection between the mind a body, holistic and spiritual treatments may change things in your mind and therefore could change or impact your illness. I think it is interesting that the acupuncture points talked about in the lecture video actually outlined the modern day nervous system. I also think that meditation and other things like yoga could be an obvious form of healing because it relaxes your body. It would seem that a relaxed body can help with many body problems and something like yoga helps with stretching the body as well which could be helpful in certain bodily issues.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post as emphasizes the different techniques of healing that were discussed throughout the lectures this week. The fact that most people in the Western culture do not condone the use of more traditional forms of medicine is astonishing since these more traditional practices are where modern medicine stems from. The ability to make new discoveries of new types of treatments for patients has an origin of using the resources made available to people for thousands of years. Just because we have more options and now have many more resources to things doesn’t necessarily mean we should abandon our more traditional ways. If these traditional ways did not work, people would not continue to use them. Others just have developed a different system of beliefs in what works. People are raised and taught to believe in certain ways and they also develop their own mindset as to what they think will work best for them. Some of the people who have tried acupuncture have also tried many different forms of modern medicine. They have used different drugs and treatments and since nothing was working for them, they used their own beliefs and were desperate to find relief and since they had tried almost everything made available to them, they knew there was nothing to lose since traditional medicine has very few drawbacks and side effects.

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