W5: Blog Post Prompt

W5: Blog Post Prompt 

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Title: W5

Body: (400 words)

  • Paul Farmer argues passionately that “emerging” diseases point to the existence and (often invisible) power of systemic “structural violence” against many of the world’s most vulnerable people. Please define “structural violence” and write an op-ed piece (based on this week’s readings and video) for the NY Times about how the world should fight future Ebola (or other infectious disease) outbreaks. Consider adding information about emerging infectious disease risks to refugees in refugee camps around the world, based on the chapters you’ve read this week in The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down.
  • Remember to refer to materials from the week and include citations for at least 1 outside source at the bottom of your post in Chicago Style. An outside source is a website, article, book, video, etc. that was not assigned in this course but something you found on your own that relates to the course materials for this week.
  • Due 8/5 @ 11:59PM EST.


2 Blog Comments: (200 words each)

  • Comment on two classmates’ blog posts from this week. Your comment can extend a classmate’s argument by adding to it (more evidence, another point of view, etc.) or respectfully challenge it.
  • Due 8/7 @11:59PM EST.

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