Prevention: the start to a cure.

Unfortunately there are some diseases that cannot be cured because of their biome and nature. People in the world face this every single day in their lives, especially those that live in areas that are not as clean, have sufficient medical supply, or know how to properly care for the diseases that they might get based on their location. There is one way to help: teaching those how to prevent themselves from getting viral illnesses that cannot be cured or even bacterial infections that can be treated and this is prevention.

It can be hard to practice prevention in areas that are affected by structural violence- areas that are not able to get passed the ongoing disadvantages that can and potential harm them based on social and economic factors. An example of this can be what we see on tv commercials and in the news about how children overseas are suffering from AIDS and many other harsh diseases because of the poor living conditions that they thrive in. This is such an unfair advantage because they did not ask to be put in this situation and because of the lack of money and resources they are forced to continue to live in conditions where they have little to no food, water that is not safe to drink, and bugs that carry blood borne pathogens and spread disease through their city. Structural violence is at an all time high and we need to start crying to help by teaching kids that live in these areas who to properly clean water and cuts. It may not seem like much but it is a start. As they age they will continue these practices and then hopefully cut down on some of the transportation of disease. If one person gets a benefit out of this it is already a positive outcome.

Something that is specific to Michigan that deals with this is the Flint Water Crisis and it is an excellent example of how to get people involved and to better a terrible situation. Residents of Flint and outer cities are recipients of structural violence based on government fraud and poor decision making. Because of the high levels of lead in the water people are getting extremely ill and not getting better like they should. The water is extremely contaminated so what Michigan cities have been doing is donating bottled water to these people so they can eat and drink safely. They are trying to get laws passed that prevent this from happening and they are encouraging others to do the same. All of the examples here are positive reinforcement and if this happens again in the near future, I would hope that the same actions would be taken to help those in need and that is what we need to start teaching the youth so we can make this world a better, cleaner, and healthier place.

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