week 7

Throughout this semester, I have learned so much in such a short amount of time, and I really enjoyed the way the class was structured. We were given a bit of information, however were also encouraged to seek out other information of our choice which related to the materials we learned. I definitely think the most interesting portion of the semester was form week two, relating to mental health. I am a psychology major, therefore I am very interested in things that are related to our mental health. When it comes down to it, I really think the book, The Spirit catches you and You Fall Down was a very good edition to the course- at times as I was reading I was confused as to how it related to the material, but then I was later understanding of why we were reading it. It really gave us a good understanding of how another very different culture handles serious issues. The book also is important when it comes to teaching us the severity of the way American’s tend to think it is ” our way or the highway” and the situation with the Lees did a very  good job of highlighting that issue (Fadiman). After this semester, I think I will be most impacted by that book- In my everyday life, there will be many times when I realize how much the American lifestyle impacts not only American citizens, but also those who are impacted by the ignorance of American culture from thousands of miles away. As I stated above, I thought the most interesting section of the semester was about the mental health issues, and therefore, I believe adding the movie A Beautiful Mind would be an amazing addition to the course. We touched on Schizophrenia a bit, but I don’t think many people understand how severe a mental illness such as Schizophrenia really is. I knew what mental illness was, but I never knew the extremities of this specific disorder until I saw this movie. I did discuss this movie in my movie review, but as I stated, I enjoy things about mental health, and I feel so strongly about people understanding the severity of mental health and illness. A Beautiful Mind was not only a good movie, but it was extremely educational and beneficial for situations later in life other than just a college class.

As the short semester ends tomorrow, I believe I learned a lot, and I think it was a great way to keep students engaged by reacquiring us to look elsewhere for information rather than skimming though our textbooks.


Howard, Ron. A Beautiful Mind. DVD. Directed by Russel Crowe. 2001. , 2001.

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