1. PROFILE DISPLAY NAME: (10 pts) Once you log into the wordpress site for the first time, you will be prompted to  change your password and update your profile information. In the “nickname” field, type in you full first and last name (e.g. “Susanna Gomez”). Then make sure you select this option in the “Display name publically as” field. Doing this serves three purposes. (1) It helps me find your comments for grading purposes; (2) it makes you feel more like a real person when interacting with your classmates; (3) its an easy 10 points in the course. Though you would be surprised how many people just don’t bother doing it. Don’t be that person. Get your points!

If you forgot to do this step, you can easily edit your profile by going to the dashboard, hovering over “Users” and clicking “Your Profile”. Click on the thumbnail/screenshot below to see what I mean.Display name

2. SET UP GRAVATAR: (10 pts) Setting up a Gravatar is another easy way to get points andmake you feel like a reason person in the online classroom. It is basically an image/avatar that is associated with all of the comments you make on the course website. If you are not comfortable using your own headshot, you are welcome to pick any appropriate image to use as your gravatar. To create a gravatar, go to the website and click on the “Create your own gravatar” button. Click on the thumbnail/screen shot below for detailed instructions in yellow.Gravatar instructions

To know if your gravatar worked, go to a comment you have left (or leave a comment) and see if the image is showing up (like my example below).Comment gravatar

3. BLOG POSTS: (10 pts) Each week you will create a blog post that synthesizes the week’s materials. These posts are usually due by Friday at 11:59pm EST (except for the final week since it is shorter). The directions for the posts will be given to you in the prompt which is linked in the weekly schedule. Make sure you are creating a brand new post and not just “replying” to or “commenting” on the original prompt. Your post should be thoughtful, respectful, grammatically correct, and address the points listed in the prompt. Make sure you categorize the post properly and that you are publishing the post instead of just saving a draft.

  • 1 Weekly Blog Post:  400 word minimum synthesis of the week’s materials: Due by Friday @ 11:59pm EST

To see how to create a post and a comment, watch this tutorial on how to use the course blog.

4. BLOG COMMENTS: (5 pts) Each week you will have to comment on two different weekly blog posts by Sunday at 11:59pm EST. These are comments that are left on another student’s weekly posts that were turned in that Friday. To do this, you will read though all the posts in the corresponding category and find one that captures your interest. Just hit the “reply” button to write your comment. The instructions for the comment are included in the corresponding post prompt for that week.

  • 2 Weekly Comments: 200 word minimum reply to some else’s reflection post: Due by Sunday @ 11:59pm EST

***BLOG GRADING: Posts and comments are are graded pass/fail – if you meet all the criteria you get all of the points possible, if not, you get a zero. You can assume you have full points for the post UNLESS:

  1. You did not do the post/comment
  2. Your post/comment was under the required word length
  3. You did not use the correct title structure for the post
  4. Your post/comment did not address the points/questions in the prompt
  5. You did not properly cite your sources at the bottom of the post/comment
  6. You did not refer to at least one outside source in your post
  7. You did not “publish” the post and only “saved it as a draft”
  8. You did not categorize the post correctly

5. MOVIE REVIEW ASSIGNMENT: (20 pts) At some point during the semester, you will choose and analyze a film related to medical culture. It can be a documentary such as Doctor’s Diaries or The Age of Aids or a popular Hollywood film like The Fault in Our Stars or Elysium.

For detailed instructions about this assignment, see the Movie Review Assignment Prompt.

DUE by MONDAY 8/17 @ 11:59pm EST


10 points: Display name

10 points: Gravatar

80 points: 8 blog posts x 10 pts each

80 points: 16 blog comments x 5pts each

20 points: Movie Review Assignment

Total = 200 points

GRADING SCALE: This course is based on total points – so one point on a blog post is the same as a point on the blog comment, etc. The grading is straight-scale:

90-100% = 4.0 (180-200pts)

85-89 % = 3.5 (170-179pts)

80-84 % = 3.0 (160-169pts)

75-79% = 2.5 (150-159pts)

70-74% = 2.0 (140-149pts)

65-70% = 1.5 (130-139pts)

60-64% = 1.0 (120-129pts)

<60% = 0.0 (0-119pts)

SUBMITTING WORK: All of your weekly assignments will be turned in on this site via the blog post/comment functions and the occasional google form. Nothing should be emailed to us or posted on D2L unless we explicitly say so.

If there is one piece of advice I can give you about turning in assignments in an online course, it is to do the assignment in Microsoft Word first and then copy and paste it into the blog form. That way you always have a backup copy saved on your hard drive and you won’t accidentally lose all your work. Also – after you post, go back check the class blog to make sure it is actually showing up.

LATE POLICY: In general, late posts and comments are NOT ACCEPTED and will receive a grade of zero. Everything on  WordPress is timestamped so we know exactly when something gets turned in. If you have a medical emergency, please email me within 48 hours of the due date with scanned/photographed medical documentation attached as well as an explanation of why you were not able to complete the assignment on time.

HONORS OPTION: Unfortunately the Department of Anthropology is no longer allowed to offer an honors option for summer online courses.