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  1. I went into settings and changed my display name from laut to Lexi Parenti. At the top right of my homepage it says Howdy, Lexi Parenti and in most of my blog posts/comments it says Lexi Parenti . However, in a few of my blog comments, it still says “laut.” How can I make sure my display name is universally showing up and not just occasionally? I want to make sure I receive points for all comments.

    • I am not sure if this might be because you changed your name after you made a few comments?

      Regardless, you should be able to go to your comment and click edit. A little box will pop up where you should be able to change your name. At least this is what happens when I click on comments (it is hard to tell sometimes what the student view on this site is).

      Even if you can’t change the name, I can still search your full name and see all of your comments, so it shouldn’t matter.

    • Hi Lexi,

      The Movie Review Assignment will be released at the same time as next weeks materials (Sunday evening or early Monday morning), and you can complete it at any time from then UNTIL IT IS DUE ON MONDAY 08/15 @ 11:59pm EST. It does ask you to relate things to course content, which is why I waited to introduce it until Week 2. It may be easier to complete later in the course when you have more information to go from, but you have the option to do it earlier if you want.

  2. Can someone please explain how to cite a book with two authors in Chicago Style? I tried following the guidelines but for some reason I just have a weird feeling that I am still doing it wrong because it looks odd!

  3. Are the blog comments for week one due on 7/8 or on 7/10? In the original schedule page on D2L it says the comments and original post are both due by 7/8 but when you click the post prompt it says the original post is due by 7/8 but that the comments are due by Sunday 7/10..

    • The two INTRO Blog Comments are due today (07/08) along with your Intro Blog Post and Week 1 Blog Post. The Week 1: Culture Matters Blog Comments are due on Sunday (07/10).

    • Perfectly fine! Most of the word requirements for this course are minimums. I wouldn’t want you to write like triple the minimum requirements, but a bit over is always ok.

  4. I am not able to access the lectures for some reason. It asks for my password to view the lectures which I provide but then the screen refreshes and doesn’t direct me to the link. Any ideas what the issue is?

    • A few students have made this request, so I will release Week 6 right now. The final week (7) has a lot less materials, so the due dates should not be an issue.

    • A couple of students said they had problems finding it, but I have redone the link on both the announcements page and the week 6 page (where all of the readings/materials are), so you should be able to get to it from there. Other students have found it and have posted already so I am not sure what happened, sorry! Please let me know if you are still having issues.

    • It is not pass fail. Points will be deducted if necessary (e.g. if not all parts of the directions are covered, there are spelling/grammar issues, citations aren’t done properly, etc.).

  5. Is there any way we can access the prompt early again this week like last? I am very worried about getting it all done in time being that it is finals week for all classes, we have an earlier due date, and its moving week for many of us changing housing locations for the school year! It would be very appreciated if we could complete our finals week assignments over the weekend so that we are not rushed and can dedicate the proper time to the course.

  6. When putting our lectures in the Chicago Style, is this the formation? I just wanted to double check since I had not done a lecture before! Thank you!

    Dr. Cynthia Gabriel. “’Explanatory Models’ and Interpretive Theory: Learning about Health through Ethnography”. Lecture 2.1, (insert URL).

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