It’s Week 3!                                                                                                                                                                    07/16/18

It’s already week 3! I just wanted to let you all know that my schedule is busy at the beginning of this week, so I began grading last week’s posts but will  not have a chance to finish grading them until Thursday at the earliest. Also, don’t forget—DUE THIS WEEK:

  1. Blog Post: Post Prompt  DUE by Friday 7/20@ 11:59pm EST
  2. Blog Comments: DUE by Sunday 7/22 @ 11:59pm EST.

I have been a little lenient in grading and offering some chances for revision thus far, but starting with this week’s posts and comments,  this will not be an option except for in extreme cases (i.e. illness, injury, etc). I haven’t gotten many questions or concerns this week, so it seems you are all doing well in adjusting to the course format. Don’t forget to read your feedback for Week 2 Posts on D2L once I get grades in, and I will again give an overall assessment of how the class as a whole is doing on posts once they are all graded. Keep up the hard work!

Week 1 Grades & Week 2 Due Dates                 07/10/18

Happy Tuesday!

I have finished grading all assignments from the Intro materials and Week 1, so please check your grades and let me know ASAP if there are any issues.

Remember the following assignments are due this week:

WK1 Post Revision: DUE by Wednesday 07/11 @ 11:59pm EST   

Wk2 Blog Post: Post Prompt – DUE by Friday 7/13 @ 11:59pm EST

WK2 Blog Comments: DUE by Sunday 7/15 @ 11:59pm EST.

The Week 1 Post Revision is OPTIONAL (if you did not get full points and want to gain some back).

Feedback on Week 1 Posts!                                                                      07/08/18

I just finished grading Week 1 Posts and have posted individual feedback on D2L for everyone who did their post . You should use your feedback when writing future posts! Feedback is for your benefit, and is meant to be helpful, so please let me know if you have further questions on feedback I gave you. If you did not get feedback I did not see a Post from you (if you did one and don’t have a grade or feedback, be sure it was categorized correctly, and that you actually published it to WordPress).

I also wanted to give some general feedback/reminders for the whole class:

1) Don’t forget to cite class materials when you refer to them. There is more information on how to do this in my announcement below (from 07/05).

2) Quotes should be used sparingly, to support your argument. Use 2-3 carefully chosen quotes TOPS. You do not have to include quotes. You should mostly be writing in your own words so it is clear you understand the course materials.

3) Be sure to cover all parts of the Post Prompts. Several of you covered race in your Week 1 Post, but did not cover ethnicity (part b of the prompt).

4) THIS WEEK ONLY- I am offering the chance for you to revise your post and email me to get some points back. You can either email me a Word Document or PDF of your revised post, or update your post on WordPress and email me to let me know you have done this. If you choose to revise your Week 1 Post, they are due by Wednesday (07/11) at 11:59 PM.

Hope you have a great Week 2!

Citing your sources!                                                                                                   07/05/18

I had a couple of questions from students on how you should cite class materials vs. outside sources you use for your posts, so wanted to include more information on citations here.

If you use ideas or text from a website, book, article, or any other place YOU MUST credit that source by citing it.

This includes course materials. If you use course materials you may just use the date and author’s last name in parentheses after the material you are quoting or paraphrasing, and do not need to do a full Chicago Style citation at the end of your post/comment. For example: (Lauderdale, 2006). If you use a direct quote or specific idea also include the page number/range (Lauderdale, 2006: 186-187).  For lectures you can use either the title of the lecture or lecture number. For example (ANP 370 Lecture 1.2).

Please include full Chicago Style citations for outside materials (Anthropology as a field typically uses Chicago Style Author-Date Format).

Even if you do not take exact words from a source, but you use their ideas or paraphrase what they said, you MUST cite where you got the information. If you are unclear on this AT ALL, review this link to MSU Library resources that will help you to better understand the importance of citations and avoiding plagiarism (there is a video and a PowerPoint as well as written rules):

Feel free to post any additional questions or clarifications on the help page. Although citations can be tedious, they are a very important part of the academic world, because they back up what you are saying, and give credit where credit is due!

Reminders                                         07/03/18

Good Morning! I just wanted to post a couple of reminders for everyone.

1) All the Intro Posts so far are great, but I noticed a few of the Intro Comments were a little short of the minimum word counts. I will not grade too harshly on the Intro Posts and Comments, but will be checking word counts on all future Posts and Comments! Please read Blog Post and Comment directions carefully.

2) A few of you have set up your Gravatars, but still haven’t changed your display name. This is easy to forget, but is also an easy 10 Points! If you are unsure on if you have done this successfully, comment on a Post, and your display name should show next to your picture. If it doesn’t (or if it says something that looks like a combo of your last and first names or your email), see the Grading page for directions.

3) If you have general questions about the class post them on the Help page. This will allow other students to benefit from your question too, and other students might be faster at replying than me! I do try to check the site at least twice a day for questions (while I may not get to my email as often). If you have a question that only applies to you, that is the time to email me at henry1ka [at] msu [dot] edu.

Hope you all have a fantastic Fourth of July!

Due This Week!!                                                                                                                                                                                        07/01/18

Happy Week One! Don’t forget the following assignments are due this week:

Profile Display Name: (see grading page for details) DUE by Friday 7/6 @ 11:59pm EST

Create your own Gravatar: (see grading page for details) DUE by Friday 7/6 @ 11:59pm EST

Intro Blog Post:Post Prompt (200+ words), DUE by Friday 7/6 @ 11:59pm EST

2 Intro Blog Comments: (on other students’ blog posts) DUE by Sunday 7/8 @ 11:59pm EST (100+ words each)

Week 1-Blog Post: Post Prompt  DUE by Friday 7/6@ 11:59pm EST (400+ words)

Week 1-Blog Comments: DUE by Sunday 7/8 @ 11:59pm EST. (200+ words each)

See update  to this announcement in blue below (06/29)

Welcome to ANP 370!                                                                                                      06/27/18-

My name is Kehli Henry and I will be your instructor for this course.

Below are answers to some important questions about this summer so read everything carefully.

Do I have to come to campus? No.

This is an online course. There are no exams and you never have to come to campus to see me for any reason (unless you want to). You do need to have a high-speed Internet connection and you must log into the course website at least once a day to check for announcements.

Is this class on D2L? No.

It is run through a word press site. The only information we will ever post to D2L is your grades in the grade book.

Are there any textbooks for this class? No.

All of the readings/videos will be posted on the course website under the schedule tab for that week. Once you receive an invitation to the site, you will be able to access the “Introduction” unit which includes some quick videos as well as instructions for the first blog post assignment. Each Monday, we will release the new week’s materials under the schedule tab. If you try to access course content before it is released (for example click Week 3 on the schedule tab during Week 2), you will get an error message saying the page cannot be found.

UPDATE: I have made the pages for each week available under schedule so you can access the course content throughout the whole class period. However, the blog prompts for each week will be released on Monday mornings, so you need to complete the blog posts and comments DURING the week they are scheduled for, not in advance. If you try to access them in advance you will get a message saying the page is not available. 

I’m confused or have special circumstances, who do I ask for help?

If you have any questions about the website or the course, feel free to email me at henry1ka [at] msu [dot] edu. Make sure to write ANP 370 in the subject line and include your name and email address at the bottom.

What is the password for course videos ?

The password for course videos is posted on D2L and in the original email I sent you about class.

Finally, I will not be sending out any mass emails after the first week of class.  All announcements will be posted on this page so make sure you check it daily.