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Hello class, we are at the end of week 6 and almost finished with the class. Someone pointed out that there was no grading scale posted. So here it is. Its a standard percentage scale that the university uses. The grading scale for this course will be based upon the following percentage scale.

90 – 100 = 4.0

85 to 89 = 3.5

80 to 84 = 3.0

75 to 79 = 2.5

70 to 74 = 2.0

65 to 69 = 1.5

60 to 64 = 1.0

Under 59 = 0.0

I don’t like decimals so I grade up based on where you are on the scale, so if you have an 89.5 it becomes 90.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, week 7 will begin this Sunday as next week our last day for instruction will be Thursday at midnight.



Good Morning Class

Welcome to week 6. It came to my attention last week that some of the week 4 quizzes were lost by D2L during a software update. I was able to locate some of them. In the meantime if you received a 0 for week 4 but did the quiz contact me asap so we can get it worked out. I have been looking over each of your grades to make sure the other weeks were recorded correctly but if you think something is missing let me know.

Next week is our final week and because of how they set up summer courses class ends on Thursday the 14th. So I will have week seven ready to go for you on Sunday morning August 10th. That way you all have enough time to complete the work. I will have your final grades posted on Friday they 15th for you to review.. I send grades to the registers on the following Monday so you will have time to review your grade and contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Have a great week and let me know if you have any questions.




Welcome to week 4, this week marks the half way point. Its all down hill from here!

Everyone is doing well on their posts and responses. I will try to comment on them when I can as I read and grade them.

Also a few folks have asked to have quizzes open earlier in the week to accommodate travel, work and life. I have no problem with this so starting this week quizzes will open on Monday and go through Friday at the usual time. Remember to make sure you are ready to take the quiz before starting.

I will also be posting an extra credit blog post this week. You will have more time to do this one and all directions will be included when its posted.

As always contact me with your questions on language, the materials or if there are technical issues.




Good morning everyone. I hope you all have enjoyed the first two weeks of class. This week we begin exploring the speech community. This will be of particular interest to you educators out there, but it is also interesting for language nerds like me who study speech communities and how they overlap and exist in tension with each other on both the individual and group levels.  This week blog assignment focuses on this and asks you to think about your own speech communities. In particular are you part of the Northern Cities Shift? As always contact me with any questions on what is being presented.



Hello folks. Just a few clarifications. This week because of the holiday and learning how to use WordPress, assignments have later due dates. As such the blog post is due Thursday and I will keep the quiz open till Saturday at Midnight. Once we get through this week and on the normal schedule assignments are due at the posted times. However I am always flexible within reason. Contact me if you have any issues completing assignments due to zombie outbreaks or alien attack.

Also if you haven’t activated your WordPress account please do so. If you have not seen one in your email contact me so we can get you set up.



Welcome to the first day of class for ANP 420. Here are a few things to get you started.

By now you should have all received email invites to the course. If not first check your spam folder, then contact me so we can get you set up. If you have not already watch the pre-week one introductions and tutorials on how to post on the blog page.

I have unlocked the first week of materials for you to start. This year the videos only need you to use the password i sent you via email instead of a username and password. Because of the holiday you will all have an extra day to complete the blog assignments and the quiz which will start on Thursday.

Every Monday at 8 am I will unlock that weeks materials and blog assignment.

Also if you haven’t yet, do the extra credit blog post and introduce yourself to the class. I will be available all day to answer questions and trouble shoot if you are having problems.

Have a great week and I look forward to working with you all.



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