Week 7 Post

I think we are able to benefit from a world with several different languages.  It opens us up to new ways of expressing and understanding things and even completely new ideas that we would not otherwise have the capability of being exposed to in a world of only one language.  All of this is lost when a language goes extinct as well as the culture branching off of that language.  On the opposing side of this, in a world with only one language, it would be much simpler to understand and communicate with everyone with very little confusion.  Ideas could be spread from person to person without a language barrier, which could potentially progress every country at the same rate, since there would be no need for translations.  Although it might be simpler, simpler does not always mean better.  Having multiple languages in the world also opens our minds to the ability to learn two or more languages, which has several benefits, not only socially, but also psychologically.

I am not exactly sure how I would feel if English was threatened with extinction.  I think firstly I might feel happy that I know the language and am able to communicate it and therefore, have potential to keep it going.  I would probably also feel sad since it is something that is such a large part of me and would want others to be able to be included in this aspect of my life.  If English was threatened with extinction, I think that I would want to teach it to as many people as possible.  Since I am going into teaching, I would make an effort to have it included in school systems and teach it to as many students as I can.  Along with this, I would teach my possible future children as well as my family.

I thought this course was very interesting and I think as a result of it, I was able to get a better understanding of what language is and how it is used.  Before taking this course, I had already thought a lot about what exactly language is and how it works, and this course both reinforced my previous ideas as well as changed some of them.  The course was not initially what I expected, especially since I had never taken any kind of anthropology course and did not really know what to expect, but I still think it brought good information for teachers.  It brought up ideas that I had never previously thought about, such as the relationship between language and power.  It also brought me to a different awareness of the way language is used between the genders.  I had known previously that there was some sort of relationship between the two, but it was very interesting to me to learn about a new perspective about this relationship.  I think as a future educator, especially in both a German and ESL classroom, I will be able to use this information to improve my classroom and support student growth in their language skills.

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