Week 7 Blog: Language Loss, Language Diversity and Your Final Thoughts


For this Blog I want you to think about language and what you have learned through this course. As we have progressed through this class you have been exposed to the understanding that language is more than just symbols or words used to label the world. Many believe that language shapes our perceptions and worldview. Imagine a language that uses verbs the way English uses nouns and how that might change the way you see the world. Many Native American Languages that are threatened like Ojibwa in Michigan are verb based, even the nouns are verbs and objects, people and places are understood through the actions they perform and if they are animate or inanimate. here is a link to teach you some ojibwe?


For this assignment I want you to think about the issue of language diversity and language loss:

What do we lose when a language goes extinct? Do we benefit from having a world filled with many languages?

Or would it make things easier if everyone spoke the same language?

You also have to ask yourself who does it benefit if we all spoke one language such as English?

If English was the minority language and was threatened with extinction, how would you feel?

What steps would you take to make sure it continued to be a spoken language?

Use examples from your readings and lectures and your own life experiences.

Finally, what did you think of this course? Was it what you thought it would be? Did it help you gain a better understanding of language and the way it works? Will you be able to use this knowledge in your field? And anything else you would like to say about the class or what you have learned. There is no response needed for this post but you are always welcome to do so.