Due Dates, Assignments and Grading


The bulk of this course will be on this website. All assignments, readings and videos will be accessed here.  However your weekly quizzes will be done on Desire to learn. I will keep your grades updated on desire to learn so you can keep track of your progress. If you are having trouble with any aspect of this course please let me  know as soon as possible.

Each week on Monday you will be able to access the weeks lectures and readings on the schedule page. You will also be able to go back to previous weeks to review lectures and materials to review if you like. Weekly quizzes will only cover that weeks material. There is no final exam.

I will open up quizzes for you to complete on Thursday at 8am and close them at midnight on Friday. Each quiz will consist of 20 questions chosen from a bank of questions, so each quiz will be unique. You will also have 7 blog assignment and responses posts.  Blog assignments will be posted the same time as the lectures on Monday morning and will be due Wednesday by12 midnight no exceptions. Response posts will be due that Friday at 12 midnight. You can turn them in anytime before this but they will not be graded until after Friday. I will post blog assignments  on the blog page. Each blog post must be at least 500 words. Responses must be at least 250 words. You may write more is you wish  but it is not required. You must compete both the blog and the response and meet the minimum word count requirements to get credit. The purpose of the blog posts is to critically engage with the readings. I want more than just “I liked so-and so’s idea’s.” How do the authors scholarship make us rethink the roles of language in relation to the questions being asked? It is also a place for you to engage with other students taking this course and respond to their questions and understanding of language. 

All blogs entries and responses must be posted on WordPress by their due date and time. For more information on the blog assignments see the blog page of this site.


Each of the weekly blog assignments  will be worth 20 points each,  and each quiz will be worth 40 points.  There may also be some extra credit blog assignments that I may post that will be worth 5 points each.


In accordance with Michigan State University’s policies on “Protection of Scholarship and Grades” and “Integrity of Scholarship and Grades,” students are expected to honor principles of truth and honesty in their academic work. Academic integrity means, amongst other things, not plagiarizing. Plagiarism includes submitting anothers work (words, ideas, etc.) as their own now will the knowingly permit another student to copy and submit their work. Additional discussion of academic integrity is available on the Ombudsperson’s website.