Technology and Ancient Egypt

As I was listening to lecture today, a thought ran through my mind. Our everyday lives are filled with smartphones, internet, computers and many other technological objects that today we cannot imagine our lives without.  Most of us are so dependent on the luxury of all of this technology that we forget there was a time when there was no such thing.  It amazes me that some of us need to have our schedules kept straight by our phones but the ancient Egyptians were able to use hash marks on the walls of the nilometer what the days were by the height and rate of the river.

Ancient Egyptians also designed two separate calendars keeping the state’s business and the religious holiday’s separate of each other.  Today our calendars have combined both state and religious holidays in one calendar.  Back to the technology differences if we forget what day it is or want to know what day our birthday falls on this year, all we have to do is check our phones calendar.  We don’t have to run down to the river to see.

It was important for the ancient Egyptians to know what month they were in not only for the religious reasons but also for agricultural reasons.  Egyptians knew that after the floods season came you could plant your crops then the harvesting season would come after that.  They also realized every two to three years the calendar need an adjustment to compensate the gradual change in seasons.  So because of this they decided to add a thirteenth month to the calendar.

We have come so far with all of our technology and although I am one person that enjoys the advancements, even though I cannot figure out half of it, I am fascinated learning about groups of people that built themselves into civilizations without any of it.

1 thought on “Technology and Ancient Egypt

  1. I also was also amazed by the technology that the Egyptians used to maintain their agricultural and religious activities. I personally have a difficult time keeping my schedule straight even with my smartphone and laptop. Before the class period, I had never heard of the nilometer. I was amazed by the idea of using notching and stairs along a wall along the Nile River to determine its height. I was also interesting to learn that by studying the level of the river, they were able to determine the date and to confirm or adjust their agricultural and religious schedules. Every photo of the nilometer we were shown in class was very similar. I did find one nilometer more visually appealing than the others. The spiral design nilometer was both beautiful and functional.

    I enjoyed the point about our calendars combining both the governmental holidays along with the religious ones verses the separated Egyptian calendars. Also, the technology that is available in this day and age allows for instant answers through the Internet about the date, weather, and holidays around the globe. With our technology we can predict and control when the Nile River will flood and the amount that will flow.

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