Future Archaeologist

Sometimes I find myself wondering what this world will be like hundreds or thousands of years from now.  Today we have archaeologist looking at places all over the world to see what people were like and how they lived their lives hundreds of years ago.  We have evolved so much from the civilizations we look at and study.  Relying more on technology and the luxuries we have and less on our “survival of the fittest” skills and nature.

If someone was going to go digging around in the East Lansing area five hundred years from now, I am sure they would find similar things to what we find in ancient civilizations much like we find in Egypt.  It makes me sad to say but they even might consider the “artifacts” of our civilization today works of art just as we do other civilizations from hundreds of years ago.  Today we find different kinds of ceramics for different uses in Egypt.  We come to the conclusion they were used for mortuary purposes and household uses.  Future archaeologists would find glass and plastic Tupperware.  (I would not consider my Ziploc Tupperware a work of art but definitely my Pyrex ware).  I am sure they would find large amounts of beer and other numerous alcohol bottles if there was a site around certain residential areas in the city.  Future archaeologists will also notice we have clearly marked graves that are set away from our homes.  Last week we talked about different mortuary practices that would sometimes include burying the dead under the houses of their relatives.  Their graves would also include little trinkets to help them through their journey in the afterlife.  Our culture decorates the headstones themselves and around the grave site such as flowers and vases.  In my opinion, our culture is very boring compared to the culture and artifacts of ancient Egypt.


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  1. I too have thought about the idea of future people excavating to learn about our time period. It also seems very strange to me that someone down the road may think an iPod Nano found in the ground may be a shocking ancient artifact. Today, archaeologist want to find things that teach us more about the people of the past. Hundred of years from now, people will be learning about us through old car tires, Ugg Boots, and smart phones. Another thing that they may find important in learning about our lives is what we post on the internet. Today, we know a lot about the Egyptian culture through ancient texts found on tombs, scrolls, and other sources of writing, but for our time period, we also have blogs, message boards, and news websites. Will the people of the future be “excavating” the things we once posted on the internet? Or will our entire internet history eventually be wiped out forever? Because we don’t know what the future holds we really don’t know how technology will change and how it may or may not effect the research of future archaeologist. Either way, it is very strange to think a picture I posted online or my Nintendo Wii may one day be considered an ancient artifact.

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