Alien or Not?

Humans are notorious for relying on the supernatural and other mythical or other-worldly phenomena to explain simple events that should otherwise be explained by science and reason. Some people who hear the natural creaks of an old house are ready to believe that ghosts and spirits are haunting the rooms above them. In the late 1600s, women in Salem, Massachusetts were accused of being witches simply because young girls were acting out of sorts. And of course, some people like to claim that aliens visited Ancient Egypt, and are the reasons why the Pyramids, among other structures, were built.

Honestly, I’ve never given much thought to the idea that aliens may have beamed down from the skies above to influence the humans living on our planet. I’ve heard rumors here and there, but nothing has ever convinced me that we haven’t always been the only creatures of advanced thought processes here on Earth. The masks that Dr. Watrall showed in class, the ones that had very narrow and pointed chins and larger, broader foreheads, caught my attention, because he reported that some people might see this as evidence towards alien life on earth. However, this doesn’t prove anything. Every culture has designed and produced masks, from ancient times through modern times. These masks are all different shapes, sizes, colors and materials, and just because one culture’s mask seems to fit our society’s description of extra terrestrial beings doesn’t mean that when they were made thousands of years ago, aliens were influencing their design.

I’ll admit, some of the “evidence” that people have found for aliens on earth is intriguing. The Ancient Egyptian drawings and sculptures of humans with elongated skulls definitely don’t look like what a normal human head looks like. The hieroglyphs that look like spaceships descending on the population definitely help an imagination to run wild. But in reality, that’s it. There is no concrete proof for the “evidence” for aliens, and everything that has the potential to be evidence for aliens can also be proven by more realistic explanations. It’s fun to ponder the existence of extra terrestrial beings but unless we uncover more facts, that’s as far as we can go.

2 thoughts on “Alien or Not?

  1. This was an interesting piece to write about. It is a topic that I have looked into myself out of simple curiosity. I really liked the way you approached the topic by adding in examples such as people so ready to jump to irrational conclusions like the presence of supernatural entities in creepy old houses or the Salem witches. I’m going to have to agree with you that people do indeed think up some interesting ideas when trying o explain something, which no one knows. However, I will not deny the possibility that aliens may have visited the earth at some point in time. Across the world here are many examples of the possibility of aliens visiting earth. From Stonehenge, to the line images in Peru, to the hieroglyphs of ancient Egyptian culture, we see examples of people linking these things to aliens. The elongated heads depicted during the ancient Egyptians time period as you have mentioned does seem a little odd to me because human beings do not have heads shaped such as the one drawn. Another interesting link between aliens and the Egyptian culture is the three pyramids built near each other. They are aligned and built similarly to the shape of the constellation Orion’s belt. Two straight stars and one off set star, just like the three pyramids. There are many ideas trying to link aliens and humans, but until science can actually prove it, this will be just another tale.

  2. Okay, so its always fun to think about how we may not be the only advanced beings in the universe. And I must admit, I am a sucker for the show Ancient Aliens. It is always fascinating to see what explanation they will give next for “aliens” building the pyramids, teaching the people geometry, etc. These proposals were popularized by extremists who seem to be striving for their fifteen minutes of fame, but most are not taken seriously by academics, since there is little to no credible evidence for their ideas. Many of these theorists believe that ancient peoples were actually descendants of or created by extraterrestrial beings, which they call “astronauts”. Though they are so adamant about their theories, the majority of them have holes in their history records or evidence. Through simple archaeological research, one can clearly come to the conclusion that the ancient Egyptians were responsible for these magnificent discoveries and structures, not “astronauts” who came from a different galaxy to place knowledge in the hands of Earth’s peoples. I do have to admit that some of the “evidence” that they acknowledge sounds intriguing, especially to someone that is not versed in Egyptology or Ancient Egyptian Archaeology, yet further research will show these assumptions are outrageous.

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