Set versus Horus

In today’s class, we got a visual understanding of what our lectures and readings this week were all about.  In the film series Egypt Uncovered, Chaos and Kings it told us that order, not chaos were the will of the gods.  Set versus Horus, the ruler of chaos versus the ruler of the skies.  These gods were to determine the destiny of the Egyptian civilization.  Before there were pharaohs, the people of Egypt were said to have been ruled by the spirits of the dead or demi gods.

We also learned that the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt did not happen overnight.  Studies show there is not just one person or event that can be identified as the final straw in unifying Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.  Egyptologists are finding it is because of many different events all over Egypt as a whole country over a long period of time.  A fun little fact I learned from the film today was about King Menes.  He was the first king listed in the royal dynasties records and his whose reign lasted 60 years before he was run off with a hippo and killed.

One other thing I found interesting from the film was learning about the damn ancient Egyptians tried to build.  Even though they did not succeed in their plans, their attempt was evident in the thought and engineering that was put forth when building it.  The goal was to protect the city from the flash floods in the rainy season.  It was 42 ft tall, 300 ft long at the bottom and 100 ft across at the top.  The wall of the damn was then supported by three cross-sections.  This structure took ten years and numerous manual labor hours to complete.  I would like to think because of all the other inventions ancient Egyptians were able to engineer, this damn would have served its purpose if it had been finished when floods came.