Pyramids as Symbols

The pyramids built by the ancient Egyptians, is a symbol of their power in their time period and their strong religious beliefs.  In our readings and lectures given to us by Ethan recently, we learn the importance of these well-preserved structures.  The amount of labor and time it took to build these pyramids is mind blowing.  The pyramid texts found inside of pyramids are made specifically for religious purposes concerning the journey the pharaohs took in the afterlife.  The process of mummification also portrays the power and importance of religion of this ancient Egyptian culture.  These pyramids of this ancient civilization are symbols of power and high emphasis on religion.

Not all pyramids were successfully completed during the 4th dynasty but we know that most of the pharaohs had either begun constructing a pyramid or at least built one as Ethan has told us during lecture today.  Pharaoh’s had the power to have the people build him/her a pyramid thanks to a well-structured economy.  The pyramids at Giza are built hundreds of feet in height and in length.  The amount of blocks used to build them, are remarkable.  The amount of time and labor it took for a society during this time period to build a pyramid is extensive and portrays the power of the State and their strong belief in the after life.  These pyramids would be the tombs in which the reigning pharaoh will be placed after they die and are filled with religious texts to guide them through the after life.  The after life is of great importance to the ancient Egyptians as we can tell by the building of these pyramids, the process of mummification, and the texts written inside of the pyramids.  The Pharaoh’s power to have his laborers build these incredible structures and their emphasis on religious beliefs, have been recorded into history through the building of pyramids.