Trade and Expansion

Something I found interesting this week was the progression of Egypt’s expansion both as a trade power and the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. It is always fascinating for me that a country in northern Africa could have the reach and knowledge to barter for goods from countries as far as western Asia. I amazes me that Egypt not only grasped the importance of international trade, but had enough wisdom and reach to establish trade routes and partnerships that had an impact that lasted thousands of years. Traveling through Abydos and the Wadis to the Red Sea is an accomplishment that requires astounding navigational knowledge and practices and it surprises me that thousands of years ago humans had the ability to establish such a route. I also found it curious that Egyptians sought out exotic animals from Africa and Asia. The human-animal relationship is always interesting to me as a lifetime dog owner, and I wonder the utility of these exotic animals.

The unification of Egypt is also particularly thought-provoking to me. For two powers to come together as one and create a civilization that built an empire is astounding given the timeframe in which this occurred. As stated in the article linked at the bottom, only hundreds of years after Narmer’s unification of Egypt, massive monuments were able to be built by the people worshiping one god. I also found it compelling that such a society could be built on the foundation of religion without tearing the society apart very quickly. I would like to look more into the structure of religion and how it affected the lives of Egyptian citizens and its ability to bring a massive ancient society together. To comprehend how a society could come together in such a short time and create everlasting monuments and an Empire is very complex, and I look forward to researching more about the first “new Egypt.”