Princess Sheretnebty and New Finds in Egypt

I recently read an article titled, “Tomb of ancient Egyptian princess discovered”. South of Cairo, hidden in the bedrock, archaeologists have found the tomb of and ancient Egyptian princess that has long been forgotten.The structure dates back to 2500 BC, during the 5th Dynasty. Archaeologists are confused by the location of this tomb for someone who was of royal status. The majority of members of the royal family of the 5th Dynasty were buried elsewhere. As research continues, archaeologist hope to discover the remains of the princess inside the tomb but currently what lies within is a mystery. A false-door was found at the tomb bearing the princesses name, Sheretnebty, and an inscription found in the limestone reads, “King’s daughter of his body, his beloved, revered in front of the Great God, Sheretnebty,” in hieroglyphics. The tomb of this princess was also surrounded by four other tombs cut into the rock. These tombs were for people of important affiliation with the royal family during the fifth Dynasty. A new door has been opened to learning and documenting information about the 5th Dynasty, the royal family, and others of historical importance of Ancient Egypt.

Through great new discoveries in ancient Egyptian Archaeology, such as the tomb of Sheretnebty, scholars are able to look deeper into the past of the ancient world, even more so than before. An increase in archaeological excavations in Egypt means an increase in knowledge of the past, this is why it is important for researchers to continue work in Egypt, even though the topic of ancient Egyptians may seem somewhat jaded. Though it seems that there may be no more to discover or explore in Egypt today, for the past hundred years of excavations in the country have produced thousands of significant fines, though it seems that great new discoveries are still popping up today, like in the case above.

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  1. This is a very exciting new discovery. Thank you for sharing this story! It is rather perplexing, however, that this princess was buried in a rock cut tomb apart from the rest of the royal family of the 5th Dynasty. Perhaps there was something special about her or her life which would explain why she was buried in this location. Conversely, there may be something about her which was seen as negative by the royal family so she needed to be buried away from them. But this idea seems less likely since there are four other tombs surrounding hers.

    I think it will be very interesting to see what the inscriptions on the tomb walls say about princesses Sheretnebty. However, as we have seen with the mortuary texts of Ramses II, these inscriptions must be read with a grain of salt since they do not always accurately depict a person’s life history. Hopefully they will also be able to find Sheretnebty’s mummy which will provide vast amounts of information about her life and death. It would be most unfortunate if the tomb was robbed in antiquity as so much information and context is lost this way. I look forward to learning more about this tomb as the archaeologists continue their work.

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