Alexander the Who?

Like most ancient famous people Alexander the Great is known by a general description. So he conquered a lot of land and named every city Alexandria. He is mostly known for his military might and victories, but I bet that most don’t know he had an intellectual side as well. His father hired the philosopher Aristotle to tutor Alexander for 3 years. Aristotle taught Alexander and a few of this friends philosophy, drama, poetry, science, and politics. Alexander had an affinity for impersonating the warrior Achilles and was inspired by Homer’s Illiad so much that Aristotle created and abridged version for him to carry on his military campaigns.

Alexander had a famous horse named Bucephalas who was a magnificent black stallion with  a while blaze on his forehead. His mother was also a freak; she claimed that instead of King Phillip impregnating her that it was a serpent (often associate with the god Xeus).