Bonus Blog Post

Which aspect (topic, etc.) in Egyptian archaeology (that we either covered in class or didn’t cover in class) do you think is the most important?  Why?  

I believe that the Language and Culture section of the class is very important. With the analysis of the hieroglyphs and cartouches, we are able to learn more about how the ancient Egyptian society was structured. The analysis of their written language also allows us to learn about the ancient Egyptian’s religion and cultural practices. The ancient Egyptians written language has been found in so many different places, showing its importance in their society and traditions. We revisited the Rosetta Stone and the demonic language this week in class. I found that going back to how language is essential to understanding the ancient Egyptians tied the class discussions together.

Another section of the class that I found very important was the discussion about the importance of the NIle River and how it was essential to the way of life for the Ancient Egyptians. Before the class began, I was unaware of all of the resources that the Nile River provided. I also did not realize how all the Ancieint Egyptian settlements were all based on the location of the Nile River and its delta and fayums. Transportation, food, and water would have been much harder to obtain without the benefits of the Nile. Agriculture would also have been much harder to have consistent production.  I was also interested to learn about the structures that the Ancient Egyptians created to measure the level of the Nile River.

When most people think of Egypt and the ancient people who once lived in the region, the Great Pyramids appear in their mind, but there are several other portions of Ancient Egyptian life that are essential to understand.
Overall, I feel that the language section and the Nile River portion of the class discussions were critical to the understanding of the Ancient Egyptians lives. Without the analysis of their written language and how the used the Nile River, we would loose a great deal of information about the Ancient Egyptians.