Pyramids and Hunting

In our first class period, Ethan talked about the workers who build the pyramids. Also, that the biggest misconception about the workers was that they were not slaves. I really enjoyed learned about the process of building the pyramids in the Great Discoveries in Archaeology taught by Dr. Norder. I was taught in that class that the individuals who built the pyramids were actually volunteers from around Egypt who would rotate in shifts to create the monuments. I also learned that they created their own towns or cities close the construction of the pyramid. A topic that I would really love to learn about this semester is the archaeological evidence behind the discovery of who the workers are that built the pyramid.


Another topic that I found interesting during our assigned reading was the royals hunting. “In pharonic times many of these desert fauna were hunted for sport by royalty and nobles; hunting dogs similar to the greyhound were used for this.” I am interested in learning how it was discovered that dogs were used to hunt desert fauna. I am also curious to know if there is a ritual aspect behind the use of a dog with hunting. As a hunter myself, I will hunt birds with my dogs [Brittney Spaniels], but there is not a ritual that occurs. But when I go hunting for deer, we do not use any dogs. Why did the Egyptians use dogs to hunt for wild cattle, addax, antelope, etc.? Did the Egyptians who were not royal or noble members of society use hunting dogs to kill food that was needed to survive? How is it known that only royals used hunting dogs? Another question I have is if cats were used to hunt in any way. Is there any artwork that collaborates the idea of dogs being used to hunt desert fauna?