Napoleon’s diplomacy

Napoleon is known for his battles, but he really was quite the intellectual and diplomat.
The conquest of Egypt wasn’t just a conquest. With him Napoleon brought over 100 hand picked scientists, artists, and mathematicians to document Egypt. These people actually had no idea they were going to Egypt when they agreed to go on this journey. They simply traveled to Southern France, got on ships, and sailed to Egypt. Unfortunately the Patriote, the ship most heavily laden with scientific tools and instruments for the expedition, was lost to the sea. (The sea generally hated Napoleon.)
Once there Napoleon set his crew out to expedition and document while he worked on gaining the favor of the Egyptian people. To achieve this favor Napoleon attend 3 strategic festivals: the festival of the Nile, the mawlid of the Prophet, and the festival of the republic. He not only attended these, but worked with high priests to make sure the festivals happened. One of the festivals, the festival of the prophet, wasn’t going to be kept by the high priests. This particular celebration Napoleon viewed as particularly important to participate in as a public figure so he acted as a benefactor funding and hosting the large party in conjunction with the priests.
His efforts were good, but rendered a waste when Napoleon abruptly left (many prefer abandoned) his troupes in Egypt for new territories.harbor View of the harbor at Alexandria, from Description de l’Égypte État moderne