Archaeological Sites Free in Egypt

I am also in a Travel and Tourism class this semester and we talk about promotions and marketing techniques that different destinations have in order to increase tourism. While researching for that class I stumbled across an article about Egypt. The article states that all open archaeological sites and museums in Egypt were free for two days last week for World Tourism Day, which was the 27th of September this year. The Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt made the decision to make the sites free in order to encourage Egyptians and foreigners living in Egypt to learn more about history and civilization. They also held cultural events in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture such as concerts and dance performances, as well as events in museums and temples. The Ministry of Antiquities also provided documentaries about Ancient Egyptian archaeological sites to assist in raising awareness of Egypt’s heritage. A book fair with large collections of historic and archaeological books as well as a workshop for children were also held as a part of this large event. I thought that this was a great way to conduct cultural and archaeological outreach with the public. Money is often a problem for people because, as I am sure many of you know, museums and various tourist attractions can be very expensive to get into! Its great that Egypt did this and allowed people who normally could not go to an archaeological site to go and to give people more education about where they are living and the history and culture of the area. The article also stated that this large scale event is a way for Egypt to reassure the rest of the world that it is safe to travel to after unrest in the Middle East and that general part of the world.