Abydos Royal Boats

As we learned in class today. On the grounds of the Abydos complex there were several ships located and uncovered. One of which was reconstructed and examined. The shape that most of the boats are in is relatively good considering their ages. I found these to be extremly interesting because they represent much more than just a ship, they are highly significant in terms of religious and spiritual meaning. For one there could have been put there for the king to use in his next life. On other thing that is cool about them is that they represent a divine bring as many of the god use ships in the mythologies of ancient Egypt. So whether the ships were for the king or for something else they are significant because of the fact that people put so much effort into making a ship just to put in in the ground. This is just of the many examples that show off the amazing wealth that Ancient Egypt had. They had so many resources that they could use them on ships that were never going to sail and build pyramids. Granted these works were extremly important to them because of the spiritual significance, but the wealth is really displayed because each king did this, so if the didn’t have such a massive amount of wealth than they would have bankrupt themselves in the process long ago. These boats also are a great find because they allow us to look at the ships in detail and how they functioned. There are pretty much a snapshot into the royal fleet and its design. All and all the ships present a great incite into the wealth and power of the Ancient Egyptian state as it was about 5000 years ago. As well as it presenting us with a prefect snapshot of the royal fleet and its design and function.