How were the Pyramids Built?

Courtney Friday


How were the Pyramids Built?

I’m really happy that this week we’ve started talking about pyramids in class. I know it sounds super cliché but the Egyptian pyramids have always fascinated me and I’m sure they always will. I love that the pyramids were built by this ancient culture and that no one really knows how they were made. These people were so much smarter than we give them credit for and they created these structures that seem impossible, but for them they weren’t. Yes, the pyramids took a long time to build and they took a lot of manpower but they were finished and so far they’ve lasted the ‘sands of time.’

A few years ago I watched I watched, what I believe was, a really good documentary on how some researchers think they were built. I don’t remember what channel the show was on, but it explored a few different options on how the pyramids were built and how the materials were moved. One of the options, the one I think could be the right one, was that an internal ramp was built all around the pyramid. It was then possible to push and pull the giant stones to their rightful place. I just thought that was a really cool idea and that it made the most sense because it seemed like the easiest way to do things.

We don’t know, however, how the pyramids were built and even though there are a lot of really good theories known of them can be proven to be true – at least for now. Hopefully in the near future someone will figure out how these mammoth structures were built in such a time of non-advanced technology. Maybe even someone in our class will figure it out, but we’ll just have to wait and see and continue to think of different possibilities – for all we know, no could have the right guess.