Unknown Pharao

Early this year a tomb of a newly discovered Pharaoh was found with colorful pictographs with a new message to rewrite history. The pharaoh was found in the tombs of Abydos and was noted to be one of the kings of the Nile. A researcher from the University of Pennsylvania museum uncovered the name of an unknown Pharaoh on the tomb. The unknown pharaoh ruled about 3600 years ago, which aids in suspected gaps in the Abydos dynasty. Another researcher found the looted tomb of Woseribre Senebkay markings in the tomb label him as the king of upper and Lower Egypt. The interesting part about discovering these tombs and the pictographs is knowing a new part of Egyptian history. Also it was found that Woseribre Senebkay died at the age of 40. Researchers came to this conclusion due to rearranging the scattered bones of the pharaoh. When looter came to raid the tomb they took all valuable and left the bones all scattered about. This discovery however showed that even though the upper and Lower Egypt was at war with each other there was a middle kingdom that thrived thorough this time. By knowing this information it leads head of the project to think that over time the discovery of newly found information of political, social and economic things will be found in the exploration of tombs. My opinion of the summarized article is that with the tomb of Abydos being so big and being looted so much over a long time period is very fascinating that the pictographs were even still there to find and shed light on new history. I also think it would be nice to find the name of this unknown pharaoh and history on how he ruled this era. It would also be key to knowing exactly how this middle kingdom survived this time period without being destroyed in any way. The article itself was very refreshing.