My 3 favorite words: Ancient Egyptian Archaeology!

Hi all! My name is Emma Greene and I am a junior at MSU, planning on majoring in History. I’ve been interested in Egypt for as long as i can remember; i remember checking out the same book about Egypt for almost a year in elementary school, and i can remember a time when i actually wanted my room decorated to look like the inside of a pyramid! I have a tattoo of an Ankh, and to me it is a symbol of where my life will take me (my dream job is to work at the Cairo Museum in Egypt!!).

I have two dogs, a siberian husky named Mercedes and a one-eyed Shih-tzu named Jack. I’m from Harbor Springs, a sleepy little town in Northern Michigan with a year round population of about 1000 (it’s mostly fudgies for the summer!)

My favorite hobby by far is riding horses; I haven’t been riding long but i was good enough to make the MSU Dressage Team in the fall of 2011!

I’m so excited to take this class and learn more about Egypt, and also to get to know my classmates more! Go Green!!

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