Introduction- Christina Miller

Hi everybody!

My name is Christina Miller and I am going to be a senior this coming fall semester. I am the youngest of all my friends as I am still only 20 years old but only for 3 more months! I am originally from a small town up north called Charlevoix. I am a psychology major and in order to receive my minor in anthropology, I have to take this class. It won’t be a hardship though since I have always had a fascination with Egypt and archaeology in general so mixing them will definitely make this an exciting class to take. With my psychology degree I want to go on to graduate school in clinical psychology and earn my doctorate. I have an interest in sport psychology so I am also looking for a program that offers it as a specialization. Many people don’t know what sport psychology is so I’ll briefly explain it for you all. It’s mostly working with athletes or teams in order to make them play better such as increasing confidence or helping a team work better together. Another kind is using exercise and sports to help everyday individuals cope better with mental illnesses. So that’s what I’m hoping to be in about ten years.

This summer I am taking part in an internship with the VFW Home for Children in Eaton Rapids. So far it has been a lot of fun as I am working with various age groups. I like working with military children as my father was in the Coast Guard until about a year ago when he retired. Other than that I spend the rest of my time working at the Wharton Center here on campus and trying desperately to escape this heat by going to the beach or to my pool where I like to read and listen to music. I also like watching movies and TV. I’m currently trying to get through the show The League and so far it’s been pretty funny. I also have two dogs, a mutt and an Australian cattle dog, that keep me busy but I love spending time with them. Between all of that and studying there is not much else I do this summer.

I’m really happy to be taking part in this class with you all!

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