Rikki Valkema

Hello, my name is Richelle Valkema and I am a senior anthropology major at MSU.  My family, friends and complete strangers refer to me as Rikki so that is what I’d like for everyone here to call me also.

Out of all of the ancient civilizations, I have the most interest in ancient Egypt.  Like most young girls who start studying Egypt, my love began with Cleopatra and her reign.  I’ve studied a lot of different texts that looked at the Egyptian empire from the period of time that Cleopatra was alive and the relations between Egypt and Rome, but not a lot on the architectural side.

My interests besides anthropology include anthropology.  I’m a cultural focus anthropology student and I enjoy learning other languages such as Korean and Spanish and studying other cultures.   I help with the MSU Korean Coffee House and I try to volunteer with other cultural student events when I can (so if you know of any or need help with any, let me know!).

This summer I am on campus working and taking two online courses, this one and HST 320.  I work in the Turfgrass Information Center in the Main MSU Library as a Level III Team Supervisor and I spend my time proofing other people’s records and running around the library looking for books that need to be entered and/or searched for reprints.

This is the second online class I have taken and the other class also used Word Press so I am fairly familiar with the set up.  I just can’t wait to leave my parents’ house and get back to my reliable internet back on campus in my apartment.

Next year I plan on moving to South Korea for a year and teaching English.  I figure that it will give me time to study a culture I have a lot of interest in while making money without being dependent on our government for funding.  Also, it means I can do my own research without the restraint of being part of a team of people with one common research goal ^_^

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  1. Welcome to the class! A lot of the people I did my undergrad with went and taught English in Korea – and loved it. Many of them actually went on to grad school and focused on Korea in their research (mostly Korean archaeology)

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