Intro: Amanda Dixon

Hey guys,

My name is Amanda and I will be a super senior this fall. I will be graduating in December with a B.A. in anthropology. After school, I hope to enroll in the Peace Corps and do some traveling while making a difference in the world. I love being around new people and learning about different cultures, which is why Anthropology has been such a good fit for me. Although I haven’t come to a complete decision on what path I would like to take, career-wise, I am interested in archaeology and hope to get a better grasp on the specifics of the field through taking this course. I took ANP 363: Rise of Civilization with Ethan this past spring and it has definitely been my favorite anthropology class so far. The way his classes are run makes learning easy, and he’s a laid back and funny professor as well.

I am from Jackson, MI which is only about 35 miles south of Lansing. I grew up there my entire life, where I attended Northwest schools. I am very close with my family, especially my mom and older sister. I love MSU and East Lansing but can’t wait to get out of here and explore the rest of the world.

Good luck to everyone this semester and nice meeting you!

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  1. Of course 363 was a great class…thats because I’m AWESOME (no, really…I am) 😉

    Did you do the fieldschool with Dr. O’Gorman this summer? I know that a few of the students from 363 last spring did.

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