Adam Longo-Week 2

This week there was a lot of interesting content to me.  The section on “The Badarian” had a lot of cool information, including some facts describing it as the earliest predynastic culture in upper Egypt.  It says it dates back to 5000 BC.  Materials from both settlements and cemeteries reveal that in the past reveal emmer wheat and barley.  Rough ware ceramics were also typical.  In my personal opinion, the use of rough ware ceramics indicates that the ancient Egyptians were a civilization that were on the go and mobile during all of their behaviors.  This also indicates that their way of life involved heavy usage and frequent utilization of materials and objects that were symbols for finishing tasks during everyday life.  This means that in order to have their ceramics protected they were styled as rough ware in order to protect the features and objects.  Also the ancient Egyptians were very interesting to me because of the extensive wealth and riches that the Emperors and ruling elite class had.  The way that the pyramids were consturcted and the labor divided was interesting to me.

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