Evidence of Unification

I think the most interesting piece of evidence of the unification of upper and lower Egypt is the spread of cultural-specific items. This wide spread trade is proof that societies were expanding, showing how successful these groups of ancient peoples were becoming. The Naqada cultures expanded bringing with them pottery styles, burial practices, etc. It’s important to remember that this expansion may not have been welcomed by the other groups, especially those living in the Ma’adi settlement. Their site was abandoned which may be a sign of that intimidation.

I think it’s interesting to see how slowly things change (but also significantly) because it is so closely related to how globalization shapes our modern world. Just as exotic pottery styles were incorporated into others, our products today also reflect the spreading of culture and ideas. A current example of this, and an extreme one, is the presence of imported goods in our stores today. You don’t have to go to China to buy oriental looking vases or travel to Mexico to buy a sombrero. Our trade is so advanced that we can appreciate other cultures’ ideas without having to let go of our own (necessarily).

I find the Narmer palette interesting as well because it shows the political changes taking place during the time. We still record political history to this day, perhaps not through drawings on stone but through writings in our textbooks, etc. It’s always refreshing to find connections between ancient peoples and ourselves.

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