Matt Salgot Week 4 Post

For this weeks blog post I have decided to look at the many factors that helped ancient Egypt to be able to build such massive structures as the pyramids. The three factors that I want to discuss is that of the strong centralized government, the presence of a strong economy, and lastly the ability to marshal the necessary manpower. Through these three factors the architecture of ancient was able to expand to unprecedented levels.

The ability of the Old Kingdom and the early pharaohs to build these is directly connected to the emergence of a strong centralized government. This was the first key for the successful building of super structures and also provided the basis for the other necessary factors of construction. With the successful unification of all of Egypt, the vast amount of resources were now available to a single individual.

The second factor that allowed for such explosive growth in structure size is the presence of a strong economy. As we have seen in past lectures ancient Egypt was an important country in the trade network of this region of the world. As such the pharaohs would be able to acquire the necessary raw materials that were used in these construction projects. With the presence of this strong economy they would be able to cope with the high demands placed on food. Being able to keep the workforce fed and healthy would limit the amount of down time on production that could occur from a weak workforce.

The last factor that I wanted to touch on is the ability of the pharaohs to marshal the necessary manpower. With the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt the whole countries population was now at the service of one man. This allowed for workers to drawn in to the work areas in phases, which divided the work force so there would always be the maximum number of workers presence while at the same time still keeping the economy alive.

The centralized nature of the government, their strong economy, and their ability to divide the labor among the whole country, all played major roles in the creation of the super structures know as the Pyramids.

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