Week #5: Middle Kingdom

Rather than only type about the happening of the Middle Kingdom, I want to type about the ‘rise and fall’ of it.  The readings briefly talk about the reunification, but they mostly talk about the beginnings of discord among the Egyptian rulers’ authority and the common people.  The readings begin the discussion by discussing how there was a new rise in provincial leaders or rulers which began to take precedence over the one absolute ruler.

Maybe I was reading it wrong, but I took the readings to be saying that the provincial rulers formed this elite class that began to have more control.  The commoners didn’t appear to really notice too much of a change and that seems, in my opinion, to stem most likely from the fact that they were required to give a form of tax either way.  The commoners had always been ruled over and therefore it didn’t seem like much of a change.

Also, this was a gradual change.  Instead of the elite class consistently reminding you that you were doing this for your leader, they would maybe change it to be that you were giving this food/money/valuable/tax for your country.  That is most likely why the kings felt the need for that passage (‘The Loyalist’ I think) describing why the people should work for their ruler and should be loyal to him.  Why else would the passage contain the ‘or else’ threat of having no tomb and instead having your body be thrown into the waters.

I don’t think that the Hyksos had any intention of taking over, but rather that the Egyptians had already become so divided that it seemed a waste not to form some type of official government for themselves.  Evidence of the lack of ambition to take over Egypt is demonstrated through their attempts to adapt into the Egyptian society and to try and become Egyptian themselves.

I apologize if I might have misspelled some words (such as Hyksos) but my adobe plug ins decided to crash so I couldn’t watch the videos a second time to check and the PDFs didn’t want to work.  If I misspelled their name then please, someone leave a comment and tell me if I don’t change it first.

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