Week 5 Blog post

In this week’s blog post I have decided to talk about how between the Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom the transition to a centralized government affected Egypt. In the Old Kingdom the people who possessed the most power were often Pharaohs. During the Middle Kingdom this was no longer true as more nomarches came along representing various areas. I found this to be interesting because as we learned more about the unification of Egypt I wondered what happened to the Pharaohs.  The Pharaohs became no longer existent and the power they had once possessed during the Old Kingdom was no longer evident.  The beginning of the Middle Kingdom there were nomarches and the Pharaohs that were still present tried to decrease their power and did succeed in some cases. However the Middle Kingdom did not exhibit a continuation of Pharaohs or nomarches but of peaceful kings that reigned for a very long time. These kings were unlike the Pharaohs in many ways. These differences in power translated to the changes that were happening in regards to Egyptian society. The societies in Egypt during the Old Kingdom were very secluded, there were not many immigrants and the areas were segregated from one another. Along with the unification of Egypt, many foreign immigrants found Egypt as their new home. This mixture in society brought on economic changes as well. Both the presence of economic and social changes was found in the tombs of many Egyptian tombs. These tombs lied under some of the pyramids constructed during that time. These pyramids were unlike the ones constructed during the Old Kingdom due to the changes in power. The pyramids constructed during the Old Kingdom were built using strong materials that lasted very long, and the pharaohs were able to get the labor forces as well to construct such monumental structures. The Kings that reigned during the Middle Kingdom didn’t rule such large areas and couldn’t call upon the same labor forces and the items used to build their pyramids were mud and brick which did not last and today look like sand dunes. These changes throughout the Old Kingdom into the Middle Kingdom represent only some of the many changes Egypt was going through during that time.

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