Week 2 Schedule

  • Week 2 Intro Video [watch]

Week 2 Topics:

  • The Neolithic
  • Understanding the Predynastic
  • Origins of Agriculture in the Nile Valley
  • The Predynastic of Upper Egypt
  • The Predynastic of Lower Egypt

Week 2 Lecture Videos

Week 2 Readings

Week 2 Assignments

  • Blog #2 Due (post due  7/12 by 5pm, response due 7/15 by 5pm)

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  1. I haven’t been able to locate the name of an author anywhere for the readings out of ‘An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt’. I came up with something for today’s post for both that and some of the lecture material but I have no confidence that it is appropriately formatted. Can you provide some direction as to how would you like us to cite these resources since most ALA citations are author driven?

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